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Emotional Speech from J.Son

Good morning all my Naked peeps!

This week I shared a story with you all that was very emotional for me and I never thought I would share it with anyone.

Here is the video from the “Bully Free Zone” rally that took place in Vegas on Monday.

Please leave your comments and please share your stories. I hope in some small way we can help youth that are struggling and make sure they do not turn to suicide.

Love you all! And remember to have a NAKED Day!


One thought on “Emotional Speech from J.Son

  1. I blame the bullying on the 99% of the students in this country that aren’t Bullies ! The ones that stand around going Fight Fight Fight and just watch as some poor kids gets his ass kicked and don’t a damn thing about it.

    Bullying exists because the silent majority allows it to exist by not doing anything about it.

    Teachers and Principles don’t have any real power in school, that power is in the hands of the Students and it’s time to use that power. It’s time to unite against the bully, it’s time to find out what the bully,s problem is and get that person professional help . Quit just walking away secretly glad it’s not you getting shoved around or tormented by words.

    It’s time to say “Stop It” to verbal and physical abuse in any environment but especially in schools.

    Because if we can stop it in schools maybe we can stop it all over the world.

    Posted by Paul | October 12, 2010, 9:05 am

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