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The Naked Truth

Naked Truth from Blog World 2010

Blog World Expo 2010

So the morning session is over and its time to spread the word about the fun stuff I have learned so far at Blog World Expo 2010… And I have learned some fun stuff… So I figured I’d share with all of you out there. I know you come to my blog for the Naked truth about the hottest headlines… but here is the Naked truth about blogging!

The Golden Rule in Blogging: “People Spread Awesome!” You may be asking, what does that mean? It’s simple, you aren’t going to tell your friends about this post if you don’t think it’s awesome! So if you want to write a blog or make a video post, make sure people say, “Now that was awesome!” I promise from now on all my videos will leave you saying “Awesome!” hehe… I don’t care if I have to jump off the Stratosphere tower again and this time I’ll do it Naked! hehe

The other key thing in blogging and vlogging is to know your audience. So I would like to get to know you, my audience better. Please leave a comment here and tell me what you like about my site, what you don’t like (but be nice. hehe) and tell me something you want to share with me! Thanks.

If you are thinking about writing a blog or doing video blogs there are certain content that always works, and after hearing them again today, it is totally true. Here is what pro blogger Chris Garret had to say:

“Stories with a message, guides, how to’s and tutorials are content that always works. Don’t be afraid to give away your biggest tips, show your readers that you are knowledgeable and willing to give out your information.” That is some good advice. My naked advice is to always be NAKED! To write from the heart, have passion and be you, the true you and people will keep coming back to see and hear what you have to say.

I hope you liked this post. I know I am used to posting videos and talking and giving you the comedy about the news, however being here at Blog World I have been inspired to add a writing piece to my blog. I hope you all look forward to reading my blogs coming soon….

More from Blog World 2010 coming soon… Until then remember to stay NAKED!



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