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The Naked Truth

Naked Truth Day on Twitter

Today was #Naked truth day on Twitter. Here is what some people had to say.

Click here for more of the #Naked truth tweets!

“@Nickinsocal1981 #Naked Truth is Im a devoted son & brother. Always have been, always will b. If u don’t like it oh well RT @NakedBoyNews”

“@BenjaminB702 – My #Naked Truth is: It WAS me who stole the two meat balls. And I’d do it again – RT @NakedBoyNews”

“@CMillerTSF: My #naked truth is that I can be too quick to walk away. @NakedBoyNews”

“@Aries1978OHIO: #naked I like both sides of the coin, 1 more then thee other but know how 2 b a team player! @NakedBoyNews”

“@NicilijaMacklis: My #Naked truth is I suck at making the first move, well depending on my mood.lol @NakedBoyNews”

“@Heartheclick12 – Hey @NakedBoyNews .. I have to fall asleep with cartoons on every night cuz I’m scared of the dark”

“@NationalMom – My naked truth is I’m alittle scared sometimes”

If you want to join in the #Naked truth day, simply tweet and include the tags: #Naked and @NakedBoyNews

Thanks to everyone who took part in this first #Naked truth day on twitter.

Make sure to follow me at www.Twitter.com/NakedBoyNews


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